October 2002

This was quite a busy month also. Dani had her last month of Soccer. Dani's friend, Lydia, was on the opposing team for one game. They were short a player so Dani played for the other team in the first half. The final game was on a cold Saturday, but Dani played well. There was an end of year partry at one of the players houses. Dani recieved a nice trophy.

Dani also attended a Cheerleading camp at
Sycamore High School. She learned many cheers and had a good time cheering at the High School football game on Friday night.

Brittany had a School Choir concert. It was a great performance with Britt having a solo part. She recieved flowers after the show.

Dani also sings in a choir but this is at church

Our friends, the Fosters, have a fall party with hayride and a bonfire. We went from their house to the
Chief Shabbona Forest Preserve by Shabbona, IL. It was a narrow road through the park with lots of trees. There are a couple of pictures of our wagon after it hit a tree. Brittany met a few girls that cheer for Indian Creek Jr. High School and had a good time teaching them new cheers.

The next weekend, we had puppy number 7, Lacey, for a visit. Molly and Lacey had a great time playing. She is a very cute puppy.

Joe's birthday was the 24th. He recieved many great gifts and had a good meal at
Applebee's with his favorite girls.

Pumpkinfest is the last weekend in October. Dani entered a pumpkin in the pumpkin contest and won 3rd place. Her class also entered a pumpkin in the contest in the Patriotic division with all of president, past, present, and future. Pictures of all of the kids in her class were on the presidents of the future pumpkin. Mr. Pumpkin was even able to be in a picture with the class pumpkin! There are also a few pictures of other good pumpkins.

Dani had fun carving the pumpkin that was going to go in front of the house, although, she didn't particularly like all of the goop from inside.

Dani's class had a nice Halloween party as well.

Then there was the parade.
Mr. Pumpkin leads it off on his bike. Here are a few of the more interesting entries as well as a video you might enjoy.