November 2002

We were able to wind down a little bit in November

Molly and Bart are still good buddies.

Dani started bowling with the YMCA league at the Mardi Gras Lanes in DeKalb.

Britt's Pom season continued and she did well, as usual.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, we went up to the Pawlak's house in
Milwaukee, WI. Every year, Mark and Linda host a great day at their house with turkey and all the fixins', as well as good company and games. The Friday after Thanksgiving, Mark and Joe go out early to hit the early bird sales at Best Buy and the other electronics stores. After that they go back and pick up the girls for a day of shopping at Southridge and Mayfair Malls.

Later, Joe, Cathy, Britt, Dani, and Mark went to visit Dave and Barb. They have a beautiful place on the shores of
Lake Michigan in Port Washington, WI. They served us a great meal and we had a great time visiting. The day definately ended too early.