January 2003

The New Year arrived with a small celebration. Britt had Katie over and Dani had Emily over. Even Molly got into the party spirit.

New Year's day brought game time. Frank and the girls had fun in the basement playing pinball and air hockey. We all had fun playing Sequence later that evening.

Brittany had her spring Choir concert at the High School. As usual, she sang wonderfully.

Dani attended a Pom clinic at the High School with a few friends.

On the 17th, she had her 8th birthday party at Mardi Gras Lanes in DeKalb. They gave her a real bowling pin as a birthday gift, and all her friends signed it.

On the 18th, her real birthday, Emily was over for the opening of the family presents. Thanks to all for the great gifts.

After the family gifts, we all went to Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg to the Build-a-Bear store, followed by dinner at the Rainforest Cafe.

On the 31st, Britt had her first of two shoulder surgeries. This time the right arm is out of commission. After 4 months of recovery and rehab, we will go for the left one. Brittany had what is called a "capsular shift". Her's was the suture method, not the thermal. Below are a few links to try to help understand the procedure, as well as a few pictures from her surgery. The gray wrap on her shoulder is a Breg Polar Care Unit. It is the same machine Cathy had for her knee surgery.