March 2003

The month began with a trip to Florida for Joe & Cathy. Our first stop was in Key West. Click here or on the picture for more pictures and info on Joe & Cathy's adventure.

The annual Air Traffic Control hockey tournament was held in Fort Lauderdale this year. Here are a few pictures of the action. There is much more info about the Chicago Center Team
here. You can also find more info about the ATC Tournament here.

Here are some pictures at the rink.

Some of the guys hanging at the pool.

The banquet was a load of fun. We took first place in our division and second place over all. Cathy celebrated with some Jalapeno tequila (Ouch)! There was a little peer pressure involved!

We also met some great new friends. Joe & Cathy are hanging out with Pete and "G" from Finland. We had a great dinner at Tony Roma's. We look forward to seeing them in their country in 2005.

Dani had a good time bowling this season. Her season came to an end this month. She has become quite the bowler.

She also sang in the church choir this month.

Dani started Gymnastics at the Energym this month too.

This month also saw Dani's talent show at the Sycamore Middle School. She chose to play the piano and did a great job.

Joe & Cathy went to the Diane Schuur concert with Friedemann and Laura at the end of the month at the Hemmens Auditorium in Elgin. What a great show.