Joe & Cathy go to Key West

Here we see an old bridge that was originally part of the Overseas Railroad that was first put in place in the early 1900's. Henry Flagler and his Florida East Coast Railway was the first to connect Key West to the mainland.

Upon arriving in Key West, Joe and Cathy check in to their hotel, The Pier House, and head off to Mallory Square. This is where the cruise ships dock. Mallory Square has become a large gathering place for tourists to watch the beautiful sunset. With all of the people in one place, the street performers come out. This is now a large part of the Key West evening. In the background you can see a Disney cruise ship.

Joe and Cathy are sitting in front of the Southernmost point in the U.S. as well as the famous Key West sunset.

Next comes the shopping on Duval Street. There are Key Lime juice bottles and alligator heads for starters. The characters on the street are very interesrting as well. A pirate shows off parrots and we see drag queens outside a bar. The other picture is the beginning of U.S. 1, mile "0".

A visit to Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville is a must. Here we see some of the decorations in the store, as well as Cathy having a "Chessesburger in Paradise".

The snorkelling and diving is excellent in the Keys. We went out on a dive boat from South Point Divers. We saw many fish as well as a sea turtle. The hotel in these pictures is The Pier House, where we stayed.

South Point Divers launch from the Hyatt hotel, next to The Pier House. The hotel has built a nice home for the turtles that live there.

Here is the Key West Cemetery. The graves are all above ground and there are some very interesting gravesites. The grounds also have some noisy residents, with feathers. The other residents don't seem to complain much.

Here is the Key West Lighthouse. It was built in 1847 and is now a museum.

Across the street from the lighthouse is one of Ernest Hemmingway's residences. Mr. Hemmingway always kept many cats on the grounds, and that tradition continues today. Many of the cats are named after famous people, including Charlie Chaplin. Can you tell which one?