April 2003

Dani wrote a great book this year and was recognized for it at a book ceremont at the school.

She also sang in her spring sing.

Brittany continued with confirmation this month. She is getting closer to the big day. Here we see Brittany and others in the class at the Oak Crest Nursing Home entertaining the guests and receiving communion.

Easter was a time for coloring eggs and hunting for them.

Dani's class took their big field trip to the Brookfield Zoo. The class watched a nice dolphin show and saw a lot of fun animals.

Dani's teacher, Mrs. Wesley, had her last day this month. She took maternity leave and had her baby girl shortly there after. The class threw a big baby shower for her.

Brittany's confirmation class went to a retreat at Reynoldswood Camp in Dixon, IL for the weekend. There was good fun and fellowship. We also see them practicing for confirmation Sunday

Finally, Brittany's School held a talent show. There were many great acts - even including some of the teachers. Brittany, Lauren, Kelly and Hannah choreographed a dance routine.