May 2003

May is a very Brittany intensive month. We start out with Brittany performing in the Junior High production of Annie Jr.

Brittany was confirmed this month. After being in classes and attending various activities since August, the final class arrived with Confirmation day on May 4th. We had a party for her at the house with friends of the family in attendance.

Joe was able to get in a few good days morel mushroom hunting. He went to Minnesota, near Lanesboro, and stayed at the Eagle Cliff Campground. There are many many good places to hunt for the mushrooms in SE Minnesota in the State Forest lands. As you can see, there are also some furry little critters in the woods if you are quiet.

We can't leave Dani out this month. She sang in the church choir and continued her work on gymnastics. She is really liking the Energym!

Spring has finally arrived to our yard as well. The clematis are beautiful and there are many squirrels that call our yard home.

Brittany had a Jr. High choir concert at NIU. There were schools from all around the North Central Illinois region that participated. Along with the choir, the bands performed as well as the orchestras.

The steam locomotive, Frisco 1630, was operating over the Memorial Day weekend at the Illinois Railway Museum. It is a beautifully restored locomotive and is an impressive sight to see, especially up close!

Brittany was inducted into the High School Student Council at a ceremony at the High School.

Joe and Brittany went to Six Flags Magic Mountain on the first open weekday. They met up with Bob and his daughter Allison. The park was very empty and they had no trouble riding the coasters at least 25 times!

Brittany's birthday was May 29th. We had a nice party for her on Memorial Day with some good friends in attendance.

Then came the shoulder surgery on the 30th. This time it was the left shoulder. There were no complications and she is recovering nicely. Check out the links to see what was done.

Finally, we were visited by the American Cancer Society fundraisers. They left a hideous purple toilet in our yard and threatened to leave it if we didn't make a donation. We gladly donated and the eyesore was removed.