January 2010

The bunnies visit outside and Nellie visits inside.

Dani went to Rockford with the church group for a night of laser tag.

The bowling season continued. Dani is doing great and having lots of fun.

Molly and Nellie are cute as ever.

Paige and Brooke came over to work on a school project. The Turkish Delight might not have turned out as expected, but they had fun.

Dani turned 15 this month. Brittany came out and we had lunch at
PJ's. Dani had a nice group over for a birthday sleepover with presents, including a fun scavenger hunt to find her new camera, and ice cream cake.

The month ended with Joe & Cathy going to Las Vegas. We stayed at the

We made a trip down to the Hoover Dam to check out the new bypass bridge being built over the canyon.

On the way back we stopped off and hiked the old railroad trail that was used when the dam was made. They built numerous cuts and tunnels to get supplies to the work site.

Then we went in to Boulder City and checked out the old Hotel and Museum.

Next stop, Ethel M chocolate factory.

The Las Vegas Strip still is spectacular.

Then we went out to Red Rock Canyon National Recreation Area. It had snowed the week before and the snow was still on the ground. The melting created creeks and waterfalls. Locals said that they have never seen so much water flowing over the falls.