May 2010

We had an interesting visitor to our bird feeder this spring. I think he liked it. Our flowering crabapple made a nice backdrop for the pictures.

Dani and Mark had a project for spanish class. The put together some guacamole from scratch, doing the initial prep at home.

The final Sinfonia concert for the season was this month. Great show.

Joe & Cathy went to Rochester, IL , near Springfield, for their Corvair club (The Prairie Capitol Corvair Club, PCCA) May meeting. This is the show that spotlights the club cars. There were 14 Corvairs or Corvair powered (the Cord) cars on display. The weather was cold going down since we didn't have a heater in our car, but it turned out to be a nice day. Our 1960 was the talk of the day, being a first year car and 50 years old. The show was even on the news on
WICS 20 in Springfield.

The next day was Mother's day. Thank you Cathy for all you do!

Dani's final HS orchestra concert of the year was this month as well. Good job and congrats.

Brittany celebrated her 21st birthday this month! Wow!

Joe and Cathy went to Lake Summerset to their friend Tim's Lake house. He built this boat last year in his garage. The skipper hat was Tim's idea. Cool.