June 2010

Dani's first year of High School ended with the customary lunch with the girls.

Joe had a very nice Father's Day with his girls.

Cathy joined a group of her friends for the annual Sycamore Ladie's Night Out downtown.

Cathy's flowers in front of the house are off to a good start.

Joe, Cathy, and Dani with friends Ashley and Liz, went to Sue's place on the Chain o Lakes. What a blast on the Waverunner and her boat.

Joe, Cathy, and Dani with Paige, went to Sue's place on the Chain o Lakes again. What a blast (again) on the Waverunner and her boat.

We kicked off the month long celebration for Cathy's 50 birthday.......she decided to really embrace it and milk it for all it was worth!
Here we are at the Concert in the Park in Sycamore.

Dani, Paige and Lydia went to music camp at the University of Illinois. They had a good time decorating their room.

The International Corvair Convention was held in Cedar Rapids this year, and with this being the 50th anniversary of the Corvair, and the 50th year for Cathy's Corvair, we just had to go. The trip started out with a stop in Rockford, Stockton and then Galena.

We overnighted in Dubuque, but not before we came across a car show in downtown East Dubuque. We entered and checked out the other cars.

Then it was off to the convention car show. We took in an information session with "the Caveman" Pete Koehler, the man who knows more about the 1960 Corvair than anyone else. There were around 150 Corvairs on display and we took a national award. How exciting!

Joe, Cathy, Barb and Doug attended the Goody's car show in St. Charles.

We went down to the U of I to pick Dani up after orchestra camp. The concert was fabulous and she made many new friends. I think it was an exhausting week as well.

The next day we were off to Arizona. Click on the picture to our update on that trip.