January 2011

We started the month with the Matt Clark bowling tournament, hosted by Sycamore. There was a very big crowd and was loads of fun.

Just before Dani's birthday, we threw a surprise birthday party for her at the bowling alley, right after practice. We had all the bowlers and many of her friends from school. She was really surprised. After pizza and sodas at the alley, we went back to the house for cake, ice cream, games and presents.

Here are some pictures from the Fenton Tournament

Cathy took Dani and her friends, Lydia, Taylor and Madie to the Eat in movies for her birthday. Brittany joined them for an evening out with the girls. They came back to the house for a sleepover.

This is actually her birthday morning. Hard to tell, huh?

That day, Dani got her DRIVER'S LICENSE!!!

That afternoon, they bowled at Dixon.

The birds are enjoying the food.

Channanhon Tournament

Joe and Cathy met Doug, Barb, Ashley and Liz at an Ice Hog's game.

Position night at our home alley

Dani was selected to participate in the Illinois Music Educators Association (IMEA) All-State competition. 25 musicians from Sycamore High School were selected to this prestegious event. It is the equivilant to playing for the State Tennis or Bowling team. The concert was phenominal! Congrats, Dani!