June 2011

Joe, Dani and Paige went to Lake Geneva for the day. The water was still cold but the sun was warm.


Britt and Dani had their wisdom teeth removed together. Better to get both out of the way at once.


We found a new place to go for car shows. It's Joe's Place in Marengo.


Sycamore hosted it's annual Ladies night downtown for shopping and dining.


Joe had a nice Father's Day


Dani took harp lessons starting this month. NIU turned her loose with their brand new $30,000 harp.


Concert in the Park


Joe and Cathy took the GT-150 up to Lake Delevan. This lake is near Lake Geneva. It is a nice lake, not as clean as Geneva but not as busy, either.


Cathy attended a Zumba Instructor training class in Appleton, WI and became a licensed Zumba Instructor. While she was at class, Joe went to the National Railroad Museum in Green Bay.


He also went out on Lake Winnebago with the dad of his friend.

Dani went to ISYM music camp with Paige at the University of Illinois. They ran in to their friend, John, on the first day.


While Dani was at music camp, Joe prepared Dani's El Camino for a trip to the body shop.

On the way to get Dani from camp, Joe and Cathy went to the Quad Cities.......

And attended a Michael Buble concert. What a great show with an acapella band, Naturally 7, opening up for Buble.


The next day we attended Dani's concert at ISYM.


Dani learned to drive a manual trans in the Cobra. 

More harp lessons.


Joe and Cathy  took the GT-150 up to Lake Geneva again, The water was much warmer this time.


We took the Corvair up to the car show at Joe's Place in Marengo.


Another Concert in the Park, this time we celebrated Cathy's birthday!!