July 2011

We bought a new/used tow vehicle to pull the boat. It is a 2004 Explorer. We took the GT-150 out to the Rock River in Oregon, IL.


The fireworks on the 4th were impressive again, and the sparklers in the driveway were fun.


We went out to the Rock River again and did a little tubing. The GT-150 pulled the tube really well.


Joe and Cathy played a little golf


Dani began her quest for the red cord on her graduation robe with her first blood donation!

The annual "Shut Up and Eat" feast at Joe's workmate, Mark's house, was a blast. Way too much food.


The El Camino is progressing.

Once again, out to the Rock. This time, Dani's friend, Lydia, came along.

We finally made it to one of the Culver's car shows down the street.

Cathy, Britt and Dani helped out at the Pay it Forward House "Meet Me at the Fair" fundraiser.

Dani's friend, Curtis, was over. We made homemade pzza. Yum!

Joe and Cathy went to the Quad Cities and attended the 2011 Train Festival. This event is held annually, all over the country. We were lucky it was close enough to attend this year. There were lots of cool trains and we even chased down a huge strem excursion.


Cathy and her friend, Lori, went to a Jimmy Buffett concert. They saw some very interesting people and heard some awesome music.

Dani performed in a violin recital this month.

Joe and his friend, Gilbert, set out for some fun on the Rock. There was even another GT-150 out on the water! On the way back in, they towed in a broken boat.

The annual Turning Back Time cruise night was a blast!!!. Friends, Mark and Linda, came from Wisconsin in their Corvette, Doug and Barb cruised in our Cobra, and Paige rode with Joe and Cathy in the Corvair.We hung out with Jimmy in his Falcon strip car and Jeff and Denise with their beautiful '69 Mustang. Jimmy's Falcon won a trophy and the Mustang ended up winning best of show! Cathy and Paige even won some prizes by finding the hidden car, somewhere in downtown Sycamore.

The next morning, we took the cars back downtown at 4AM, so we could get a good spot in the shade. We hung out and checked out the thousand or so cars that poured in to downtown Sycamore.