September 2011

We are getting close!!!

Joe and Cathy spent a lazy day on the Rock River. Somebody abandonned a boat in the river. BOO!!

Dani at tennis

We all went up to Minnesota for the Pivonka Family Reunion. There were lots of Knaddles and a pig roast. What a great time.

The next day, we went to New Ulm to see Joe's neighbors from way back, Bernie and Jerry

On our way back to Illinois, we saw a really neat rainbow near La Crosse

Almost there!!!

It's DONE!!!! Joe and Cathy picked up the El Camino and surprised Dani after school. It really turned out great!

More tennis




Dani went to the Armory to decorate the tennis and orchestra golf carts for the homecoming parade. The senior candidates drive these through town. Dani rode on the tennis trailer with the rest of the team.


Dani with her friends, Jess and Paige

Dani was creatively asked to homecoming by Curtis

It's hydrant flushing day. Molly's favorite day of the year.

Here is Dani with her doubles partner, Evie, after winning medals on a cold and grey day.

Cathy hung out with Dennis Quaid at Wal-Mart. They have been shooting a movie in and around Sycamore for the last few months.

Homeconing dance night, Dani looked beeeautiful!!!

Here is Dani and her date, Curtis, with a bunch of friends for their pictures. They took the El Camino to dinner and the dance