December 2011

Dani's bowling team come over for their first pasta party

We went to an Ice Hogs game and had some nice pictures with Hammie

The first bowling tournament....Palatine

The Sycamore High School Orchestra performed this month. The All-State musicians were honored, Dani included. Yay!

The bowlers bowled in the Plainfield Strikefest and came away with an award.

Our annual music night was a hit. We had many new performers and new instruments this year. Eva, Dani's piano teacher, even played.


Dani performed in a violin recital and posed with her Sinfonia conductor, piano teacher and violin teacher.

The bowlers bowled at the Steelman Invitational and were very successful. Click on the WLBK link to hear the radio report

The carolers visited again this year. Lots of fun!

We had pizza and a movie with the Comptons and the Chipmans

Christmas Eve service was very nice and we had our pictures taken in front of the tree.

Christmas morning brought lots of gifts and a very nice day

Joe flipped the GT-150 over so he can work on the hull. It's cool when they "fly"