January 2011

Joe put the last coat on the bottom of the '76 GT-150.

Doing a little baking for the Matt Clkark bowling tournament bake sale

Joe worked on the 90HP Mercury, peeling off the old decals, prepping it for paint.

The bowling team hosted their annual tournament, The Matt Clark Invitational.

Joe and Don flipped the GT-150 back over, putting it back on the trailer

Brittany and Dani performed Beatles songa on Beatles Night at The House, in DeKalb

Cathy attended a Master's Zumba class at the YMCA in DeKalb

Cathy and Dani went Julie's baby shower. Julie was our neighbor and our sitter from our old neighborhood.

The girls bowled in Dixon

Dani turned 17 this month! Yay!

The girls bowled in a tournament in Minooka

The conference tournament was held in Dixon this year

The SHS Concert Orchestra performed in the new DeKalb High School auditorium. Both schools played in this state of the art school.

Here are a couple of pictures of the group that was chosen to perform in the IMEA All-State music fest in Peoria.

The SHS Concert Orchestra was honored by being chosen to perform their concert at the annual IMEA music fest. Very few schools are chosen to perform this way so it was quite special.

After a late night in the hospital with Dani, the All-State musicians performed their concert in the civic center with the All-State choir and band. What a great show!It was close, but Dani pulled through and played well.