March 2012

March was a very busy month. We started out at the bowling alley with the awards for Dani's Bowling team. Dani was second top bowler on the team by just a couple of pins.

Dani also performed at the High School Solo and Ensemble competition in Harvard. She scored a Division 1 on all performances.

Joe moved a little bit farther on the GT-150 project.


He also bought a "new" car to pull the boat. The gas was a killer in the explorer. It's a 2005 Subaru Outback.

Cathy and Brittany participated in the Seaside Escape retreat at church.   Britt was able to sing and participate in almost everything but had to leave early for work so didn't make it in the pictures.

Dani's orchestra performed at the High School Awards Night and she recieved numerous awards as well.

Joe and Cathy made a day trip to Devil's Lake in Wisconsin. It was a great day for a walk in the park.

Dani's High School Orchestra had their Spring concert as well.

Joe and Cathy went to the Dennis DeYoung concert in Elgin. He still sounds GREAT at 65.


Brittany and Dani sang at church for the Saturday service and did an awesome job.  W are so proud of them for sharing their talents!!!!!

We all went to the Trans Siberian Orchestra concert in the Quad Cities, We had a bit of a photo shoot by the Mississippi River. The concert was "Beethoven's Last Night." What an excellent show.

For spring break, Joe, Cathy, Dani and her friend, Paige, set out for Texas again. We did this two years ago and had a blast. We didn't even get out of Illinois and you can see how exciting it was. We passed St. Louis and saw a beautiful rainbow in Oklahoma. 

In Grapevine, TX, we visited the Bass Pro Shop and the Vetro glass blower shop.

We stayed with Cathy's cousin, Joe, and his wife, Debbie for a couple of nights. We had a great meal at Anamia's Tex-Mex restaurant.

The next morning, they made us some very special french toast. YUM!

We even played a bit of tennis.

Next, we headed to Austin to stay with Joe's niece, Steph, and her husband, Brandon and toddler, Ellie. Oops, their dog and visiting dog as well. They treated us to giant donuts from Round Rock Donuts one morning.

We went out to Lake Travis to visit our old neighbors that moved to Texas, the O'Connors. We had a fun visit and hit the water as well.

We went to the University of Texas for a college visit too. (Hook 'em Horns!) The music department was fantastic. We checked out the stadium, some dorm rooms and Steph's office before having lunch on campus.

What would a visit to Texas be without a stop at Rudy's???

After Austin, we headed to Galveston. The Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrushes were spectacular!

And finally, Galveston and the beach!

We stayed at the San Luis Resort again. What an excellent view!

Cathy and Joe took a nice driving tour of the city and saw a new boardwalk park being built on the pier that used to be a hotel. We also saw some really neat homes and went to the docks where the shrimp and fish are brought in fresh.

Joe and Dani took a drive out to the west end of the island. We saw some cool houses and took a drive on the beach. Check out the golf cart on blocks spotted in a garage!

Pool time at the San Luis!

Before heading back to Joe and Debbies, we took in a nice sunrise and spent a few last moments at the beach.


Back in Grapevine, we went out for a nice dinner at the Blue Goose Cantina for our last night in Texas.

One last meal in Texas, Whataburger, for some great Taquitos.

We ended up the month attending a Harp recital with Dani's harp teacher, Kate.