December 2012

December came in with  another bowling meet.

Cathy has a new friend. The Hearns make these snowmen and this one wanted to be with us.

Joe and cathy met Ted and his dad, Jack, along with the family at the Christmas train in Waterman.

The High School Orchestra performed their winter concert.

More Bowling

Dani performed with the Kishwaukee symphony Orchestra for their winter concert.

Bowling vs. DeKalb and St Edwards


The Orchestra performed with the High School Choir this month as well.


The Music Open House was a big success this year.

Bowling Lockport

Cathy's Monday night Zumba Class.

Dani visits North Pak University.

Cathy's Wednesday night Zumba.

Joe continued on the Checkmategetting the floor cleaned up.

Dani performed with Aaron at the Christmas Eve service at church, followed by dinner at Johnny's with Patti and KC and families.

Christmas Day!

Cathy held a New Year Zumba Party!!